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Strategic Planning

The delivery date is the main driver for everything we do. It starts with risk analysis. What is the scope, what is budget, how much time do we have? Those are some of the factors we asses in order to determine what needs to happen when and where.

  • When date and location is clear, we can work backwards from the successful delivery.
  • In-house logistical experts work with your team and forwarders to make the cut-off. 
  • Worldwide operation and production in accordance with the delivery plan.  
  • Clearly defined deadline for when furniture production must start to keep the timeline and respect the quality processes. 
  • Pre-PO work: Time left for defining scope & design with owner and architect. Mock-up/sample approval. 

Coordination of Specification

We break furniture & fabric packages down into categories, assign the expert and “pull” each spec sheet apart to coordinate every single detail.

  • The pre-PO work is critical to a successful delivery and this is where we excel.
  • Close communication and in-person meetings provide unmatched value and a great understanding of your needs.
  • Quick responses from the operational team and technical factories.
  • MOQs on fabric, IMO certifications, and all other details concerning the specification are cleared by the Njord team. 
  • An extensive range of specifications from our cruise classic collection to unique bespoke furniture.
  • All details can be sketched up or rendered for approval before placing the order.

Quality & Design Management

To exceed quality expectations, our quality management system is integral part of every activity and task.

  • 25 years of cruise quality furniture experience. 
  • Carefully selected raw materials and pre-inspection before production is the first step, then mid-inspection and then final-inspection.
  • Over all less rejections due to a closely monitored production
  • Consistency in quality and design.
  • Innovative, technical and sustainable solutions for any type of design, lead time and price. requirements.
  • In-house quality control team that inspects and ensures a long lasting durability
  • Higher quality and lower TCO through increased manufacturing performance.

Architect and designer support

The owner and architect are able to walk through their projects with highly realistic 3D renderings.

  • 3D Renderings allow you to visualize the interior of the cruise liner through a collection of stunning realistic photos that breathe life.
  • Technical Drawings significantly reduce construction complications, increase efficiency and allow for proper planning.
  • Careful selection of materials that deliver a sensory experience both visual and tactile.
  • BOQ – The heart of every succesful project that leads to better planning and results in saving money and time.


Transparency is not just a principle but a tool to set the foundations of long lasting relationships.

  • Njords Ark will enable a smooth process when you have to handle a refit or newbuild on the cruise liner.

  • Frequent visit at your location to combine the desired design and price with the right quality and ensure the technicalities with the correct factory.

  • Weekly production update allow you to constantly follow the progress from start to end.


Nothing counts but the results. The owners and architects must be able to rely on our results in getting cruise quality design furniture delivered in time and budget. That is our single most important commitment to our clients.

  • Planned lead times already at quotation stage secure delivery on time.
  • Valuable and honest support to the cruise purchase division, architect and owners.
  • Project management and technical team dedicated to achieving higher performance standards within time and budget.


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