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Njords ark has proven worthy in the eyes of some of the big names within the Cruise line industry even tho it’s a smaller company.

Njords ark out sails its competitors by being on the front of the market in terms of technology, service and quality.

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Our Quality

Marine grade stainless steel 316L/317L

The fittings such as screws, nuts, bolts, clams and nails that hold the frames together is made of stainless steel 316L, which is the lower carbon version of SS316. Highly resistant to corrosive environments and elevated temperatures. The best option for high stress areas. Njord also offer SS317, which is more resistant to sodium hydroxide found in the soaps and detergents used to clean onboard.

Virgin aluminum frames with protective pre-treatment

Selection: Njord always use 100 % new virgin aluminum. We are not tempted by the lower cost of mixed or recycled aluminum because it offers a lower purity. It may come from a variety of previous product, such as soda cans or scrap metal and the recycling process compromises the anti-corrosion capability of aluminum. Quality: When the frame is constructed it is being sanded and sandblasted. With a pure product we can start the proper cleaning and protective pretreatment of the alu surface. In a combination of acidic degreasing, phosphating and washing/drying, the frames are being prepared for powder coating in a 100 % contamination free zone.

Smooth Weldings

There are only a few things in life that are better than a perfectly smooth welding. But only a few. The type of furniture determines which type of welding is needed. TIG/WIG are the most common methods, but the quality highly depends on the welder. In Njords Ark, we double and triple check the final look of the welding to avoid “bubble gum”

High Density Wicker

The wicker fibers are HDPE fibers. That is, High Density Polyethylene. It outperforms any other fiber because it offers more tensile strength and intermolecular force.

  • Inherently colored fibers.
  • FR treated
  • UV protected.
  • Resistant to a variety of chemical solvents.
  • Lighter, stronger, harder, and can withstand higher temperatures.
  • Can withstand temperatures of 230 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Has absorptive characteristic that dampens vibrations.
  • Has a higher Crystallinity than Polypropylene. Crystallinity influences hardness and density, hence the name High Density Polyethylene.
  • Polyethylene is the most widely used plastic. Eco-friendly material that can be recycled!

Super Durable Powder Coating

When the frames are dried and wiped the first primer coating is applied in a thickness of 60-80um. The entire batch is checked for defects before a topcoat is applied in a thickness of 60-80um. After final inspection, 2 sample pcs go through accelerated corrosion test (Machu), strengths adhesion test, Ageing test, salt spray test, and weatherability test.

Our Services


Nothing counts but the results. The owners and architects must be able to rely on our results in getting cruise quality design furniture delivered in time and budget. That is our single most important commitment to our clients.

  • Planned lead times already at quotation stage secure delivery on time.
  • Project management and technical team dedicated to achieving higher performance standards within time and budget.
  • Valuable and honest support to the cruise purchase division, architect and owners.
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Transparency is not just a principle but a tool to set the foundations of long lasting relationships.

* Njords Ark will enable a smooth process when you have to handle a refit or newbuild on the cruise liner.

* Weekly production update allow you to constantly follow the progress from start to end.

* Frequent visit at your location to combine the desired design and price with the right quality and ensure the technicalities with the correct factory.

Quality & Design Management

To exceed quality expectations, our quality management system is integral part of every activity and task.

* 25 years of cruise quality furniture experience.

* Innovative, technical and sustainable solutions for any type of design, lead time and price. requirements.

* Carefully selected raw materials and pre-inspection before production is the first step, then mid-inspection and then final-inspection.

* In-house quality control team that inspects and ensures a long lasting durability

* Over all less rejections due to a closely monitored production
* Higher quality and lower TCO through increased manufacturing performance.

* Consistency in quality and design.

Strategic Planning

The delivery date is the main driver for everything we do. It starts with risk analysis. What is the scope, what is budget, how much time do we have? Those are some of the factors we asses in order to determine what needs to happen when and where.

* When date and location is clear, we can work backwards from the successful delivery.

* Clearly defined deadline for when furniture production must start to keep the timeline and respect the quality processes.

* In-house logistical experts work with your team and forwarders to make the cut-off.

* Pre-PO work: Time left for defining scope & design with owner and architect. Mock-up/sample approval.

* Worldwide operation and production in accordance with the delivery plan.


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